Effective Website Sales Funnels – Ongoing Communications – Are you Having That Conversation?

One of your most valuable online business assets is your opt-in email list. Your site does work hard to collect that information… right? If not, fix that shortcoming and then come back to this article. Seriously…

Welcome back! Now that you are collecting every opt-in email address you reasonably can it is time to make sure you are talking to your prospects legitimately, regularly and properly. It is 홀덤. essential that you work to maintain your conversation with everyone you can for as long as they will let you.

First, what does it mean to continue communication with your visitors legitimately? In a nutshell it means you collected their contact information directly from them under a specific set of circumstances and conditions that they understand and desire. Never buy email lists or email blast services. Do it right and collect them yourself in the context within which you really intend to communicate with them. Then, use this contact information to communicate with them about what you promised and only about what you promised. Do not spam them with unwanted messages. Do not share or sell their contact information for any reason. And on the flip side do not ignore them. You promised them something in exchange for that information or they would not have given it to you. Deliver what you promised. Does all that mean you cannot put any banners or small text ads in the content or on a web page your message directs them to? Of course not! You can do these things tastefully and respectfully (and fast loading and small in file size). Just do not interfere with or skimp on the content you promised.

Second, communicate with your list regularly. Remember, this is more than likely a continuation of the sales message you built your whole sales funnel around. You are either trying to get them back into your sales funnel or, if they already made a purchase, you are trying to expand their involvement with your company. Either way, if you let more than a few days go by with no meaningful and valuable (to them) communication from you they will begin to forget your offering, your business and their decision to accept communication from you… and that is if they really were interested in your offering and sincerely wanted more information. If they were wishy washy on the idea they have probably already forgotten. Keep the continuity and momentum going and try to build it to a higher level so they come back. Do not annoy or pester them but give them good, continuous, predictably scheduled, desired content and you will help maximize your chances that they will actually read your message… which is the only way there is a chance they will act on it.

Last, the word properly in the first paragraph means a lot of things in this context. One of those meanings is to invest as much of your effort and resources in developing your message series as you do on your website sales funnel. This series is an extension of your sales message that is reaching back out into the wild to bring your stray visitors back home again. This is a tall order so give it the attention it deserves. Properly also refers to the way you choose to craft and send your ongoing communications. If they are too big, too obviously “salesy” or have attachments they are likely to end up in a spam filter (or angering the recipient if it is so big it is clogging their inbox). Your messages also need to come from one of the respected sources that has a reputation for doing a good job ensuring the people on their lists really did opt-in to receiving the messages. Most modern spam filters are pretty ruthless with messages that are not from trusted sources. Regardless of where you are sending from, keep your messages in the realm of good grammar and spelling, conversational or informational in word use and request that your recipient “whitelist” your address in their spam filters so they receive their requested information. The final part of the properly concept is to make sure they can opt-out with a simple click. Do not make them jump through hoops to get off your list. The easier and more obvious you make the means of getting off your list the more they will trust you and reduce the chances they will decide to discontinue your budding relationship. Be transparent, respectful and genuinely informative and you are more likely to be rewarded with a good online reputation and enhanced business.

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